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Project Description
WinCryptor2008 uses the 256 bit Rijndael (otherwise known as AES, or the Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption to secure files. It does this using a CryptoStream object and the RijndaelManaged class. There is no default form to the application - double clicking WinCryptor2008.exe will achieve nothing. A form is only displayed when the correct command line arguments are passed. This happens when a user has installed the MSI (or added the neccessary keys to the registry) and right clicked on a file (not a folder for the moment) in Windows Explorer.

The application works (in my opinion) pretty well as it is. There are, however, some items I would like to add at a later date:
  • Add folder encryption (right clicking a folder - encrypt every file in the folder).
  • Add multiple file encryption (selecting more than one file in Windows Explorer).

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